Our Story

Bella's Story

Under the guidance of his Italian-native mother, and heavily influenced by his travels throughout Italy, Jake Imperiale opened Bella Napoli in 2001 to meet Kansas City's need for authentic Italian food, wine and market goods. Jake hand selects each product for Bella's deli and market and every item is imported from Italy. Wander across the room and you'll be immersed in an atmosphere as authentically Italian as it gets. An integral element of Bella Napoli, the pizzeria offers a variety of traditional Italian dishes.

At Bella Napoli, the ambiance of a true Italian ristorante, classic Italian recipes, warm friendly service and a renowned wine list culminate in an Italian dining experience you're sure to fall in love with. 

A Family Tradition of Love

From the beginning,  Jake's parents instilled traditional Italian ideals in their son -- the value of an honest day’s work, the power of a few simple ingredients to create a perfect meal, the genuine love of people and the idea that even when there wasn't "enough"... there was always "enough" to share. The kitchen table was round and there were more chairs than family members. Somehow every seat was occupied at every meal. 

Today, Bella pays homage to Jake’s parents and grandparents through our focus on Imperiale family recipes, the tradition of gathering around a table, and most importantly, through the enduring friendship shared with guests who walk in our door.

In the Bella family, food is love. And we have a lot to share.